Sno’uyutth is a Lekwungen word that means “spreading good energy”.

Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship Fund has grown to more than $15,000.00 in the last 60 days.

Following the announcement by Greater Victoria School District #61 that the “old” Oak Bay High School would be replaced with a “new” state-of-the-art facility, the Community Association of Oak Bay (“the Association”) launched a bold plan to design, carve and install a 20-foot “welcome pole” at the school entrance to celebrate this historic event.

With financial support from District of Oak Bay and active encouragement from Mayor & Council, the Association planned and executed a successful 18-month project with a $100,000.00 price tag. Designed by Songhees Master-Carver, Butch Dick, and carved by his son, Clarence Dick, the “welcome pole” is called Sno’uyutth.

Sno’uyutth recognizes the history, culture and traditions of the Esquimalt and Songhees people, promotes mutual respect and understanding between our communities, and supports our new future together. Sno’uyutth stands at a main gateway to the municipality. Sno’uyutth embodies the spirit and resilience of the original inhabitants of this land and serves as a tribute to the ancestors of the Esquimalt First Nation and Songhees First Nation.

With assistance from Oak Bay Rotary Foundation (“the Foundation”), the Sno’uyutth Pole Project reached a successful conclusion on November 22, 2015. On a sunny afternoon, a crowd of several hundred guests joined the Community Association of Oak Bay, District of Oak Bay, Greater Victoria School District #61, Esquimalt First Nation, Songhees First Nation, and dozens of donors to celebrate the gift and dedication of Sno’uyutth.

Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship Fund was created by the Foundation to award an annual scholarship (commencing in 2016) to a graduating student of First Nations, Inuit or Métis descent who pursues post secondary training upon graduation from Oak Bay High School.

On December 12, 2015, Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship Fund was launched with net proceeds of
$8,000.00 from the Frank Sinatra 100th Birthday Event with Joe Coughlin and the Vancouver-Island All-Star Big Band held in the Dave Dunnet Community Theatre located in Oak Bay High School.

On January 12, 2016, Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship Fund received a gift of $7,000.00 from the
surplus of the Sno’uyutth Pole Project. Many thanks to the Community Association of Oak Bay for their generous gift and dedication to “spreading good energy”.

For 2016, the cash amount of Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship will be $500. The Foundation intends to grow the endowment account to $25,000 and the annual cash payment to $1,000 as soon as possible.

Individuals and corporations may support Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship Fund with tax deductible contributions. Send your cheque to Oak Bay Rotary Foundation, #210-2187 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC V8R 1G1. Or visit us on-line at and make your donation by Visa or MasterCard.

For additional information, please contact Rod Sim, Director & Secretary, Oak Bay Rotary Foundation at 250-595-1500.

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