Sno’uyutth Pole

Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship

The creation of the Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship is the result of new friendships and trust
spreading good energy. The success of the Sno’uyutth Pole Project encouraged two talented
and generous individuals (Joseph Blake and Joe Coughlin) to propose that Oak Bay Rotary
Foundation establish a new endowment to be called the Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship Fund.
The Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship  is intended to serve as inspiration and motivation for
students of First Nations, Inuit and Métis descent who pursue post-secondary training upon
graduation from Oak Bay High School. Starting in 2016, the Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship
will be offered on an annual basis.

The successful applicant will be selected no later than June 30th 2016. All applicants will be
informed of the name of the winner of The Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship no later than July
15th 2016.

Scholarship recipients are chosen by the Foundation Board in conjunction with Rotary Club of
Oak Bay Youth Services Committee and Oak Bay High School.
The winner of the Oak Bay Rotary Scholarship will be asked to attend a lunch meeting
(Tuesday) of The Rotary Club of Oak Bay to accept his (her) award
Notification of the recipient of the scholarship will appear on the Club’s website and hopefully
in the Oak Bay News.

For more information please contact Oak Bay High School Scholarship programme
or Oak Bay Rotary Foundation .